Custom Fiberglass Molding Hours of Operation
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:
6:00 AM to 4:30 PM CST
Friday, Saturday, Sunday:
Owned and operated by Rick Discher, Custom Fiberglass Molding, Inc. started with just six employees in 1979. Today Custom Fiberglass Molding, Inc. averages 40 employees. Custom Fiberglass Molding, Inc. manufactures fiberglass components mainly for the industrial market. They make car wash parts, automotive parts, airplane parts, chill towers and tanks along with many other components.
Custom Fiberglass Molding, Inc. manufactures fiberglass components using a variety of manufacturing methods. One method is called Resin Transfer Molding (RTM). This method allows them to make parts in a closed mold system. Using RTM they cut the material to fit each individual part, reducing scrap and reducing costs. In addition to these positives it also reduces their air emissions to a complete minimum. RTM helps them produce parts faster than the open mold system.
Custom Fiberglass Molding, Inc. operates three CNC routers that are programmed to trim parts with speed and accuracy. They also own a Gerber Cutting Edge DCS 2500 Computerized Mechanical Cutter.
The DCS 2500 is operated through a computer which sends patterns to the table cutter. The DCS 2500 cuts fiberglass, coremat, foam, breather cloth, peel ply, and carbon fiber to detailed and specific measurements. The DCS 2500 is able to cut over 225 precise patterns in less than 15 minutes.

Custom Fiberglass Molding, Inc. has 54,000 square feet of production space. 45,000 square feet is dedicated to clean, efficient and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

Custom Fiberglass Molding, Inc. has the ability to take on difficult jobs from customers and to manufacture them with a high quality and competitive costs.

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